PR Company Founder - Writer - VIP Strategist

Dean Piper grew up with a dream of working within the entertainment industry. He wasn’t sure how or when he was going to achieve such dreams. But he knew the twinkling lights of the red carpet were for him.

Starting his newspaper journalism career at the Sutton Guardian, he quickly pivoted to celebrity writing and within a year had made his way to the Daily Mirror where he worked underneath then editor, Piers Morgan, on the infamous 3am column with their original line-up of female columnists.

Over the next 12 years he made a name for himself at the Sunday People and Loaded Magazine before writing columns and heading up showbiz at Closer Magazine and the Sunday Mirror. Covering everything from the Academy Awards to Glastonbury as he went along.

But with the emergence of social media “the Japanese knot weed of the showbiz industry” and the devaluing of a celebrity interview he decided to start a new chapter as a PR company Founder - and Beak Communications was born. Since then he’s pretty much been a one-man-band.

Clients have included everyone from Spice Girl Melanie C and Tamara Ecclestone to The Body Camp and Langan’s Brasserie. “I have one rule - don’t work with dicks,” says Dean. “This industry is full of egos and I’m too old for all that. Just be nice and we will get on brilliantly."

Having been on the ‘inside’ he knows what will work to ensure maximum coverage in the media, how to handle a crisis and most importantly what will equate to sales and notoriety for a person or a brand. Nowadays he’s become a tour de force working with talent and consulting for brands and venues in the hospitality industry where he offers VIP services too.

With an extensive network of contacts both in the UK and globally across the fashion, lifestyle and entertainment industries he’s a small hands-on unit that measures up big.

He currently spends his time living on the outskirts of London and in Ibiza. He’s also working on two scripts for television and film to keep his creative juices flowing. And before you ask, no he’s not going to dish the dirt and write some ghastly tell-all book…